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Welcome to the homepage of VET-NUTRITION-CONSULTING Ltd.

The Company’s main activity is consultancy, trade and providing service within the domain of feeding techniques. The company initiated its activities in 2002, yet in the form of a deposit partnership. The company has a triple aim: advice, service and trade. The activity of the company is, directly or indirectly, in relation to livestock rearing.


Our experts assist our current and future partners to solve, or at a later stage, to prevent problems related to the hygiene, feeding or health of animals which they possibly experience at their holdings.


Our company provides services in the below domains:

1. Feeding trials under laboratory, semi-laboratory, or stable conditions;

2. Planning, performing, statistical evaluation, and compilation of professional reports of feeding trials;

3. Compilation of scientific publications;

4. Presentation of the results in conferences;

5. Presenting the scientific results derived from the trial in Hungary, and abroad;


Participation in exhibitions in Hungary and abroad

Placing on the market of complementary feed and concentrates






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